NACCA education includes:

1. Providing a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and experiences among regulators having supervision of such companies and changes with the administration of such laws.

2. Facilitating intercommunication among its members and circulating information of interest to its members between meetings of the association.

3. Developing standard forms and otherwise encouraging the collection of adequate and comparable statistical information concerning consumer financial companies in each state, province, territory or other political subdivision (hereinafter “state”).

4. Coordinating the efforts of individual states toward determination of sound public policy with respect to the supervision and control of consumer credit.

5. Cooperating with other organizations whether public or private, that are concerned with or interested in the supervision of consumer financial companies in the administration of the laws governing these companies.

6. Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the state regulators having supervision over consumer financial companies and promoting the general welfare of the consumer and of the consumer finance industry by enhancing supervisory procedures and the laws administered by the regulators in the various states.

7. Performing such other services or undertaking such other activities as will, in the opinion of its members, contribute to these purposes.