Comment Letters

July 31, 2013..comment on Dept. of Defense Proposed Rulemaking

December 7, 2012...Comment letter in opposition to H.R 6139

November 6, 2012--- CSBS, NACCA, ACSSS & AARMR comment letter to the CFPB on RESPA & TILA

August 23, 2012......Regulator Group Letter Supporting HR6125

January 4, 2011 ---- MOU Agreement between CFPB & CSBS with NACCA as an additional signatory

September 26, 2011 ---- CSBS, NACCA, ACSSS, MTRA & AARMR comment letter to the CFPB on State Notification Requirements

August 12, 2011 --- Comment letter to the CFPB regarding "Larger Participants" in Financial Services and Product Markets

November 15, 2010---- FTC Letter regarding its NPR on Deceptive Mortgage Advertising

December 18, 2009 ---- CSBS, NACCA & AARMR comment letter to the FRB on proposed Reg Z amendments

November 24, 2009 ---- Comment letter to Senator Chris Dodd & members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs concerning the proposed creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency

September 14, 2009 ----  Federal Trade Commission Comment Letter

8-28-06-9 Cash Advance Amicus Brief 

June 19, 2008 Letter to the Social Security Administration

May 16, 2008----CSBS, NACCA & AARMR Comment Letter on HUD's Proposed Revisions to RESPA

April 8, 2008----CSBS, NACCA & AARMR Comment Letter to the FRB on HOEPA Issues

February 25, 2008----Department of Defense Comment Letter

June 8, 2007----Department of Defense Comment Letter

October 10, 2007----Comment letter to the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors

October 15, 2007----CSBS, AARMR, NACCA Comment on Proposed Illustrations for Subprime Mortgage Lending

December 4, 2006---- letter to the OCC, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, FDIC, OTS and NCUA

September 23, 2005--- letter to the Office of Thrift Supervision

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Last Updated: August 7, 2013