Comment Letters

January 22, 2019: Comment Letter to FDIC, Request for Information on Small Dollar Lending

October 10, 2018...Comment letter to the CFPB regarding the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection’s draft Policy to Encourage Trial Disclosure Protection, Docket No. CFPB-2018-0023

April 13, 2017 letter to the OCC

October 6, 2016 CFPB Proposed Small Dollar Lending Rule

September 30, 2015 comment letter to the Treasury Department on Expanding Access to Credit Through Online Marketplace Lending

July 16, 2015--Comment letter in support of H.R. 2643

December 12, 2014--Comment on Proposed Rule regarding Limitations on Terms of Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents

July 31, 2013..comment on Dept. of Defense Proposed Rulemaking

December 7, 2012...Comment letter in opposition to H.R 6139

November 6, 2012--- CSBS, NACCA, ACSSS & AARMR comment letter to the CFPB on RESPA & TILA

August 23, 2012......Regulator Group Letter Supporting HR6125

January 4, 2011 ---- MOU Agreement between CFPB & CSBS with NACCA as an additional signatory

September 26, 2011 ---- CSBS, NACCA, ACSSS, MTRA & AARMR comment letter to the CFPB on State Notification Requirements

August 12, 2011 --- Comment letter to the CFPB regarding "Larger Participants" in Financial Services and Product Markets

November 15, 2010---- FTC Letter regarding its NPR on Deceptive Mortgage Advertising

December 18, 2009 ---- CSBS, NACCA & AARMR comment letter to the FRB on proposed Reg Z amendments

November 24, 2009 ---- Comment letter to Senator Chris Dodd & members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs concerning the proposed creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency

September 14, 2009 ----  Federal Trade Commission Comment Letter

8-28-06-9 Cash Advance Amicus Brief 

June 19, 2008 Letter to the Social Security Administration

May 16, 2008----CSBS, NACCA & AARMR Comment Letter on HUD's Proposed Revisions to RESPA

April 8, 2008----CSBS, NACCA & AARMR Comment Letter to the FRB on HOEPA Issues

February 25, 2008----Department of Defense Comment Letter

June 8, 2007----Department of Defense Comment Letter

October 10, 2007----Comment letter to the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors

October 15, 2007----CSBS, AARMR, NACCA Comment on Proposed Illustrations for Subprime Mortgage Lending

December 4, 2006---- letter to the OCC, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, FDIC, OTS and NCUA

September 23, 2005--- letter to the Office of Thrift Supervision

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Last Updated: January 24, 2019